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    Tracey Beale is an artist and jewelry designer specializing in sterling, copper, gold and brass metals. Her jewelry and copper wall art are inspired by ancient African jewelry and articles of adornment. Her work is spiritually driven, experimental and designed with a purpose. She lives in Baltimore, MD and is a vocalist in the free-jazz group, Konjur Collective, the current CLLCTIVSOUND artists in residence. Tracey thanks God, her family and friends for their unwavering support.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I work predominately metals included sterling silver, brass, gold, and copper. I source most of my metals from a company in New Mexico. I've incorporated photos into my metal design as well as shattered glass. My designs are spirit based and are created by collection. Each collection has a story that is translated into wearable designs. The process of creating my work happens in three phases. First I cultivate a story or a concept. Then I begin designing around that concept. The design process includes drawing and metal work. The final step is to produce the designs. The production process often includes casting and hand fabrication.

    A: There is a duality to working with metal that I love. Metal when heated at a high enough temperature, can go from liquid to rock hard. It's beautiful, God-made and natural. Metal has a lifetime longer than the one I'm living. Working with metal feels like creating a legacy. I hope that my jewelry designs and the stories that inspired them are pass down through generations.

    A: Creating music with Konjur Collective, a free jazz group I perform with, spending time with my family, friends and yoga.

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