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    Christina Grace is the Founder and Designer of TIN HAUS, a contemporary fine jewelry brand based in Los Angeles. With a core mission for sustainability, Christina blends her educational and fine arts background to inform the technical side of her handcrafted designs. Inspired by abstract art, nature, ancient cultures, and social cause, Christina launched her first collection in 2018 after winning awards for her work. Most recently, Christina Grace was awarded the 2020 Halstead Grant.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: The inspiration behind the timeless designs of the TIN HAUS contemporary fine jewelry collection is meditated from abstract art, nature, ancient cultures, social cause, and the spirit of everyday people. Meticulously constructed using traditional jewelry and metal fabrication techniques - from piercing, soldering and forging, to stone setting and lost wax casting - our intention is to create wearable art that is a vehicle for self-expression.

    A: I am passionate about the medium and materials I work with because the act of jewelry-making has become a spiritual practice for me. In 2016, TIN HAUS was born out of the desire to serve through contemporary fine jewelry. The company name was derived from a childhood nickname, Tin, that signifies a space of consciousness unfiltered by time; and embodies a place of refuge for art and contemplation. My purpose is to support special causes while creating beautiful pieces of jewelry that will last.

    A: As an abstract expressionist, I use the same process when I paint as I do for creating jewelry.

    A: My practice in silent meditation shaped the artist I am now. Thus, the special place I retreat to for inspiration anytime and anywhere is within.

    A: Leadership is making the courageous move to help advance our society towards a healthier future. During Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential run, I designed and handcrafted “The Bern Necklace”. The pendant caught the attention of Sanders’ wife, Jane, which she ultimately endorsed to help me raise funds for her husband’s campaign. I donated 100% of the profits towards the cause. I am proud of this act of leadership that involved stepping out of my comfort zone to engage in civic responsibility.

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