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    Thomas Mann began making jewelry in high school & has been doing it ever since. An icon of the American Craft Jewelry movement and a full-time practicing professional artist for 50+ years, he describes himself as an artist working in the medium of jewelry and sculpture.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Inspired by parts from machines, electronic instruments, costume jewelry, and old postcards & photos, Mann’s recurring but always changing parts give his work its storytelling quality and theatricality. He calls this design vocabulary, which combines industrial aesthetics and materials with evocative themes and romantic imagery, "Techno-Romantic".

    A: Having an idea I am compelled to make and then seeing someone connect with the object. Of course I love the flow state created by the process of making.

    A: I believe that the objects that are made by artist of every stripe are imbued with a detectable energy which connects with the client to complete a circle. Artists manifest for others what they can't for themselves.

    A: When I am at the bench, or in The Bubble, as I refer to it, I go to the "EES", Essential Entertainment System which is my nerdy way to refer to a part of my bench that has a mini TV and stereo where I can play any movie, news or music that suits me at the moment.

    A: In my many years of doing crafts shows (fifty and counting), I and my staff have heard stories from a variety of collectors on how a particular piece of jewelry they connected with made a difference in their life. This is always a joyful surprise and fuels my artist/maker spirit.

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