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  • About This Artist

    From my Baltimore, MD studio, I have been working primarily in sterling silver for the last thirty years. By juxtaposing the cool finish of polished sterling silver with textured and patterned oxidized areas, I strive to give my pieces warmth and a real awareness that they are of the hand, yet modern and clean at the same time. I have always felt compelled to make things and I get a feeling of excitement when a new idea starts germinating.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is entirely hand fabricated. The sterling pieces are formed, cut and then soldered, sometimes in many steps and pieces. The final product appears as one seamless piece. The simplicity belying the complicated connection process. The work is then cleaned up given it's various finishes:oxidized, polished and matte. This defines the space within each piece.

    A: Sterling is difficult to work with in it's hardness and it's tendency to show flaws. It is a challenge to transform it into a softer, more sculptural medium that has many beautiful finishes. I really love the tension between these qualities.

    A: The unexpected is the way my pieces fit together and the way they lay on the body. I really strive to find unexpected ways for my work to relate to the figure. I often work in sculptural or raised areas to give my work some depth.

    A: Wonder is the magic that comes when you solve a problem or discover a new way of doing/thinking about the work. It is also when the wearer understands and appreciates a piece. It is why I make jewelry. Without the wonder, there is no satisfaction.

    A: I am inspired by many others, teachers, family and other artists. It's impossible to pinpoint just one!

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