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    I began working with glass in 2008, and am continuously impressed by its versatility. My work is functional, fun, and design forward; it references colors, branding, and utility found in kitsch, antiquity, and pressed glass designs. I employ paint, found glass, and adhesive as a way to blend forms and integrate aesthetics and motif. My focus is to explore aesthetic and pattern alongside developing an approach to handmade, small-scale production products that exemplifies contemporary craft.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Each piece starts as a homogeneous gather of liquid glass. Through turning, blowing, tooling, and shaping the object is formed and the material solidified at the end of the blowing process. After cooling, the work is cut, sized, and ground in a process called "cold-working," where I am able to work out details of height, straightness, and, in certain cases, composition. I then use painting and assembling techniques to finalize each work, which gives my work its unique aesthetic.

    A: I am consistently impressed with glass' versatility. I love the language used by glass; the tools, equipment, and feel of working with glass. I am attracted to the fast paced production process, and how quickly one can learn from the process of blowing. Glass has a long and varied history, and I am inspired by it can be formed in the most rudimentary to inexplicably complex ways. I see glass as a foundation material that allows me to expand designs and aesthetic without limit.

    A: I look for pockets within the craft that have not been fully explored. I look for surface design, form, color, and composition that has not been employed. I use a number of materials in combination including paint, found objects, hardware, and adhesive to achieve a "collage" type action. My work blends childish fantasy with thoughtful design culminating in work that can be complex or simple, functional or expressive. My color palette, surface design, and process sets my work apart from others.

    A: I am inspired daily. I'm influenced by a wide spectrum of objects, antiquities, designs, and professions/interests. I am simultaneously in love with simple designs and the most busy/maximalist aesthetics. I am always interested in looking at modern furniture, kitsch design, and 80's interior design. My work is informed by peers and mentors, as well as a number of artists outside of my field. In fact, some of my strongest inspiration comes from objects or works that have no connection with glass.

    A: Craft has a unique ability to unite vision, excitement, and language. I've had the opportunity to learn from and share in workplaces, classes, residencies, and collaborations with my peers. Working with glass has facilitated founding some of the relationships I am most committed to cultivating. The united focus on exploration and learning allows the community of makers to grow, thrive, and support each other. There is no way I could be a maker without the support of the craft community.

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