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    I was a girl scout. "Always be prepared" was my childhood motto and I continue to live it out in my daily life. I leave the house with tissues, many pens, water bottles, endless list. Hauling these necessities presented a challenge. I began making leather carry-all totes and crossbody bags to corral my essentials and rest comfortably on my shoulder, across my chest or against my body.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use leather because it is an exceptional material. Each piece has unique texture, grain and nuance. I start each bag by inspecting the hide for these features to dictate how I cut it to capture the best drape for each side of the finished product. I do not work from patterns, but rather size guidelines to hand-cut every bag. Most of the hides that I use are remnants from a furniture company. As these pieces were destined to become couches or pillows, they are incredibly soft but also durable.

    A: I try to make my bags out of as many recycled and repurposed parts as possible. Finding new ways to reuse materials that would otherwise be wasted encourages me to keep innovating my design practices.

    A: My bag straps are created from worn, soft vintage leather belts. In recent years, I have had trouble finding enough belts to complete my work. When I started to come up short on supplies, I began to cultivate a network of generous folks all over the United States who hunt for belts for me. Getting to know and recruiting kindred-spirits who also enjoy the thrill of finding that perfect, soft, beautiful vintage belt has proven to be as fun for me as making the bag itself.

    A: Search "Have all the good ideas already been discovered" on Google and you'll find 7.5 billion results. I feel a sense of wonder every time I create something new - a new design, a new way to sew or find a new use for a piece of discarded hardware.

    A: With all honesty, I am inspired by almost every artist that I meet. The depth of creativity within the American Craft movement is staggering and I count myself blessed to be able to be a contributor..

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