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    Shanaya Dungey aka The Foolish Know It All, the artist, owner and designer of TFKIA Art Studio, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota specializes in hand sculpted wearable artwork which explores bridging the gap between contemporary and urban art and provides accessibility to the arts for non-traditional audiences. In her works she fuses traditional beadwork with contemporary jewelry making. She continues to explore her vision of how pieces not only look on the human body but also push boundaries that currently exist for how wearable pieces function.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I mix and create the colors and patterns in my wearable art jewelry pieces hand sculpted from polymer clay beads and baubles on wire and thread. I also practice metal smithing techniques to create and construct components such as ear wires and other components that increase the fluidity and movement in my wearable pieces. I began metal work and creating my own components due to the lack of variety and availability in finding hypoallergenic wires that allowed movement in my pieces.

    A: My mission is to make fine arts & crafts accessible to everyone. My use of polymer clay was birthed from a need to be creative with limited resources. This medium is accessible & versatile. I move my mission forward by sharing my craft with others, teaching underserved community classes for youth & adults practicing healing through art. Using this medium along with tools that can be found around a home has helped me to rebirth my excitement and love for my craft through teaching others.

    A: Many buyers are pleasantly surprised by the level of detail and care that go into creating each of my pieces. The fact that my beads and other components are hand rolled and hand made by me. I create by reinventing simple geometric shapes designed into stunning wearable works of art. In my work I explore bridging clay sculpting and traditional beadwork with contemporary jewelry making. It’s important to me that each of my pieces are beautiful, skillfully made, and functional.

    A: I can remember all the way back to my first art class in elementary school and the first time I got the opportunity to sculpt with clay. The wonder of being able to take something without form and mold it into something useful excited me as a child just as much as it does today. The fact that my life has come back full circle today still brings that childhood twinkle to my eye.

    A: I am inspired on a daily basis from a wallpaper pattern, to a piece of cloth, architecture, nature. I live in pattern and color. I see inspiration in the smallest things most people would think are insignificant.

    I would have to say that my son is my biggest inspiration. His birth is what brought me back to my love of the craft after feeling it wasn’t something I could take seriously. He has pushed me to use my talent in ways I never knew were possible.

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