Terry Holzgreen

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  • About This Artist

    I am a full time artist immersed in making functional and sculptural works. In 2019 I launched at the ACC SF show winning the Award of Excellence for an emerging artist. The ACC wrote: "His work stood out not only for his beautiful forms and vessels, but also his practice of using scraps from his former life as a cabinetmaker and felled urban trees." Juror, Jennifer Morla, wrote: "Beauty, craft, a unique vision, and sustainabilility are all reasons to give Terry this award."

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Wood is my thing. Sustainability has become a central part of these new works. No new wood is bought for these works. Urban trees, scavenged wood, and job remnants provide ample materials for my projects. I work in kind of improvisational mode, following the sparks wherever they lead. New discoveries in patterns or shapes or function arise and inspire a pursuit in that direction, the mistakes and detours usually become far more interesting than the idea I was pursuing. I have become obsessed with gluing small pieces of different woods, finding the beauty and magic in the relationship of one piece next to another.

    A: I have had a draw to wood since I was little. Seems to have come from no where. There was no one in my world doing anything with wood, yet I was seeking out making things with it going way back. Now, I am in so deep I have not even had a chance to sit back and try to understand what exactly it is all about. The shop and its rhythms are my world. For decades I was a woodworker for hire, making work to other peoples specifications. I did my creative work in other mediums. Finding my creative voice with wood did not come easy. Only after some 35 years did I finally find it. That was a long long wait. Now it is a pretty unstoppable force. I have so much love for the wood and for the trees. And now I have this new found practice that allows me to show off all that I see and feel. It really happened by accident that I found my voice. It is an incredibly satisfying time of life, to find myself here doing what I am doing.

    A: During the pandemic, many scheduled opportunities were cancelled and due to my shop being a shared space, there were some months where it did not seem wise to risk working. I have devoted a lot of that free time to studying both Vipassana meditation and Kundalini yoga and both have been powerful medicine during these challenging times. They keep me nourished, inspired and passionate for life and being present, authentic, open and expressed in these very challenging times. The creative life is a demanding and at times stormy life even in the best of circumstances. Having practices that promote balance and equanimity have been important tools as well for this artistic and craft life I am living.

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