Terry Holzgreen

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  • About This Artist

    I am a Los Angeles based artist immersed in making functional and sculptural works in wood. In 2019 I launched at the ACC SF show winning the Award of Excellence for an emerging artist. The ACC wrote: "His work stood out not only for his beautiful forms and vessels, but also his practice of using scraps from his former life as a cabinetmaker and felled urban trees." Juror, Jennifer Morla, wrote: "Beauty, craft, a unique vision, and sustainability are all reasons to give Terry this award."

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I work intuitively in an improvisational manner which is unusual for a woodworker. There is a painterly aspect to my work as well as I combine the colors and patterns from different woods in each piece which showcases elaborate and detailed patterns and compositions in both functional and sculptural works.

    A: I started collecting wood from the urban forest nearly 30 years back with only a vague hoped for time in the future when I would know what to do with it. I carried it during several moves from one shop space to another waiting for it to have its moment. Then out of the blue one day a simple idea for a piece clicked and now wood from this collection is appearing in my work alongside decades of job remnants from my years as a woodworker for hire and a wide variety of scavenged and recycled finds.

    A: I am a self taught artist. I have been searching for my artistic voice for decades exploring in many mediums and although a woodworker for hire all those years, being creative with wood never clicked for me until now. There was always something missing in the work I saw others doing, but I did not know what it was. When these new works started to finally appear it all began to make sense. My style is out of the ordinary and likely explains why I was not seeing work that was speaking to me.

    A: The influences and inspirations are many. For sure all my time with trees in the forests of California and Oregon. In my late teen years I encountered the driftwood drenched shores along the Southern Oregon coast setting my imagination wild with its possibilities. The artists, Roy McMakin, Wendell Castle, George Nakashima were all early inspirations. Now the internet is awash with inspiring artists, like Katie Hudnall, Travis Townsend, Laura Mays and so many others all over the globe.

    A: My practice is still quite new and most of my activity to date has been made up of a lot of time spent making work in my studio and finding my creative and artistic voice. I find I need a fairly private space to explore and find my ideas. I was set to venture out after being selected for my first artist residency at the Center For Art In Wood last summer but it was of course delayed by the pandemic. ACC has been a great beginning into creating connections to the larger craft and art community.

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