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    Dave began woodworking in the mid 1990s in Charlotte, NC, designing and making hardwood furniture and architectural woodwork. Now, living in north Georgia, he pursues woodworking professionally as both a designer and maker. His focus in recent years has been on display cabinetry and wood sculptures.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Each Wood Crystal® Sculpture contains a base element, a primary structure, and suspended "wood crystals" in the shape of natural mineral crystals found in nature. The crystals are made from sustainable hardwood stocks from around the world, finished selectively with either or both tung oil and five coats of lacquer; they are suspended on dyed, braided silk cords accented with a bead. The base and structures of the sculptures are finished in tung oil. No dyes, stains or veneers are used.

    A: Wood records time with annual growth rings, writing an indelible history of how rain, air, sunshine, and fertile soils cradled its life. By sawing wood into lumber, the growth rings are transformed into the exquisite beauty of the wood’s grain and color. The tree has painted inside itself the story of its life as the earth spun and revolved around the sun. Wood is of the earth in this special way, and that’s why it inspires me as a medium. “Terrae” is the Latin word meaning “of the earth.”

    A: Human creativity, that a work comes into being at all, is a great wonder. Creative works are evolutions of imagining and thinking. There is the vision of the thing in one’s head, and then there are the materials and craft skills applied to join the two. This evolution is not linear; it is prone to wandering. Out of that wandering the work comes into focus, bounded by the possibilities of materials and the skills of the craftsperson. The outcome once realized always evokes strong emotions.

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