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    I love working with clay. I started taking pottery classes back in 1989 while living in Virginia. It was just meant to be a stress reliever for my job but before I know it, making pottery has become a part of me. I am particularly drawn to making functional pottery with graceful forms. I believe a good piece of decorative pottery can light up a room and a good piece of functional pottery, may it be a simple cup or a bowl, can make our daily life more enjoyable.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I work mainly with stoneware clay. Most of my functional work are wheel thrown and fired either in an electric kiln or a gas kiln. The past few years, I started experimenting with alternate firing techniques, which includes Raku, saggar, and pit fire. I am particularly drawn to the instantaneous and unpredictable result from saggar and pit firing. There is never a dull moment in this process. I am intrigued by the marriage of clay, smoke, and natural materials used during firing.

    A: I like simple elegant forms. Clay is a medium that I can use to create what I have in my head. I love throwing pots, the process of making graceful forms is what draws me to making pottery. Experimenting with alternate firing technique is also very satisfying. The unpredictability of the outcome adds another whole level of interest to pottery making.

    A: Half of my work is shaped by my cultural background and my schooling. Growing up in Hong Kong, I was influenced by traditional Chinese and Japanese Arts. I was a software engineer before becoming a potter and my training taught me to be precise and detail oriented. Both of these lead to my pursuit of making pleasing forms. I am also a big fan of manga and Japanese anime. The love of cute things leads to my other half of work, the making of more playful and whimsical pottery.

    A: There are so many artists that influenced me but my favorites are Warren MacKenzie and Lucie Rie. I am touched by the simple elegance of Warren MacKenzie's work. I have watched many of his videos and love the way he talked about making pots. He was simply a great potter. Lucie Rie is my first love when I started making pottery, I admire her pottery style, her efforts, and her attention to details. Their styles are completely different but both inspire my work.

    A: I belong to the Hudgens center of Art, this is where I do most of my work. Hudgens has many outreach programs that introduce Arts to the community. May it be just a family day, or "Art and Healing" program, Hudgens uses Art to bring people together, to simply have fun, and to build a stronger community. I applaud the volunteers, teachers, and coordinators who made these programs successful.

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