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  • About This Artist

    Inspired by urban landscapes, Tara Locklear’s designs are comprised of community and architectural re-purposed materials that create a playful visual language in the form of jewelry. In these material conversations, color and texture are more than aesthetic qualities; they are emotional connection points for the viewer. Tara’s focus is to create fine, hand-crafted jewelry that empowers individuality, while bringing a refreshing point of view to the field of contemporary jewelry.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: The TLJ Signature Collections are a response to our material social culture. They are comprised of hand-carved, reclaimed skateboards with hand fabricated, sterling silver components. Each design celebrates the story of each skateboard’s journey and are inspired by the one-of-a-kind street patinas and colorful graphic qualities. My carved skateboard gems that form my “rubies and diamonds” brought together with my sterling silver designs represent my idea of modern statement jewelry.

    A: My past life path that brought me to my skateboard community changed my trajectory permanently. Through conversations of life affirming choices and discussions about what and who we were at our core, began a journey that I am still exploring today through my jewelry. Being able to use the reclaimed skateboards of my friends and community holding the memories and footprints of their journeys, is what has given a voice to my personal opinions and ideas of what jewelry should be.

    A: The materiality of my work, which encompasses reclaimed skateboards and interior sustainable building materials, inspires my designs through their colors and textures. Color holds its own importance in that it has the same emotive weight as any material in the equation of jewelry beyond its aesthetic value. Thus, the material choices allow for each piece to be one-of-a-kind because not two street patinas or patterns are alike.

    A: The crux of inspiration for me is people watching. Observing people in their urban environments and how they are designed. The shapes in these spaces and the shapes I envision in response to them. How people adapt to them or stand out from them through self-expression. The energy in these spaces and how it makes me feel. Whether I’m at the beach or in a big city or watching a faraway place on a movie screen, people give me to most drive to create meaningful designs.

    A: Developing a relationship with my skateboard community has been my greatest collaboration. being able to bring their stories and culture into a broader realm through the form of jewelry has been one of the biggest joys I have experienced. whether having conversations at craft shows or teaching workshops, craft has allowed me to have a community beyond my studio that encompasses a craft family with like-minded ideologies of making and design that enriches and teaches me every day.

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