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  • About This Artist

    Sydney Sogol is a handweaver creating exquisite luxury wearable art. She draws inspiration from her years of studying art, ornithology, and marine biology. Each piece she creates pays tribute to a single creature’s unique beauty and story. She hand paints and dyes yarn, then combines these colors within the complex, original patterns she designs to create stunning accessories. She primarily works with certified Tencel, an award winning eco-friendly & sustainable yarn, from a North American mill.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I obtain certified tencel, an award winning sustainable yarn, from a North American mill. Then I dye and paint yarn which allows me to limit the amount of water and what non-toxic chemicals I use to achieve the gorgeous colors of birds and sea creatures. Once dyed I dress my loom taking each individual thread through multiple parts of the loom until they are all neatly aligned and under perfect tension. Then the magic of weaving happens. I weave up pattern one toss of the shuttle at a time.

    A: Weaving is my medium of choice because, in addition to endless ways to create new patterns and fields of color, the repetitive nature of crafting the work itself on my looms allows me to slip into a relaxed and yet focused state, with the motions establishing a rhythmic flow similar to taking a walk to look at birds. I love texture and color and discovered I have a yarn obsession! I refer to myself as a yarn whisperer, coaxing the yarn into colorful intricate patterns on the looms.

    A: Each design's colors and patterns are inspired by a specific bird, bringing its story to light. This is not obvious, due to the abstract nature of weaving. I strive to create fabric that honors such graceful and magnificent animals. I hope that my work will encourage people to notice things they otherwise might miss about the world around them, move them beyond being a mere passive observer of the natural world, and inspire them to learn more about the species that inspire my work.

    A: I pull my inspiration from nature. I studied ornithology in New Zealand and fell in love with the birds, which led me to create pieces paying homage to their native birds. I go out in nature as much as possible. Riding my horse in the woods, walking in fields, and watching my bird feeders each reveal inspirational moments that I translate into weavings.

    A: I connect with fellow crafters about the intersection of environmentalism & handmade products. How do we create items consciously? Make them accessible? Waste less? I strive to improve how I create pieces & their impact from local to global scales. I want to inspire people to become conscious consumers of sustainable handmade items. This topic is essential for the craft community. I tell the stories of animals & their struggles through my handwoven items so this is near to my heart.

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