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    Originally from the south of China, Suyu Chen is currently living and working in Rochester, NY as a jewelry artist after graduation from the MFA program at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her work focuses on the variety and modification of endless forms by using the same man-made object (PVC tube and resin) as a basis module. The countless separations, coloring, sanding and combinations that are kept on the surface reveal the subtle imperfections and her honest hand-crafting process.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: The main material of my work is PVC tube and resin. I cut, combine, and re-form them with resin or liquid plastic. Then painted with enamel paints and gesso. During the coloring process, I applied paints multiple times, and create subtle textures as well as marks on each layer by sanding or scratching, in order to mimic the objects in the nature that filled with human imprints.

    A:  I am obsessed with the subtle form differences on the PVC tubes that occur in industrial production process. These man-made materials are a study of industrialism as well as myself, and by composing jewelry works which relate to forms, symbols and marks, I explore the relationships between repetitive practices and self-awareness.

    A: Each cut and mark is random, therefor the final form is unknown until the piece is completed. That is why I am passionate about keep creating new works.

    A: I collaborate with local and international photographers as well as creative content creators to present my works. They provide new perspective to my works and also introduce my work to a broader audience. Craft as a more functional and affordable object that can connect people from all cultures in a more effortless way.

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