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    I'm Amy Sun Ah, a polymer clay jewelry Artist based in Baltimore, MD. I am obsessed with patterns and color and how they weave meaning into our lives. I create happy, playful jewelry using patterns from my original watercolor paintings and textiles I find while traveling. I am constantly striving to find balance and harmony through the use of pattern in my work.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use Polymer clay and patterns from my watercolor paintings and textiles I find while traveling. I start each design by creating a pattern mood board and laying out colors and creating patterns in my sketchbook. Next I transfer my curated patterns to polymer clay. I then bake the tiles and hand cut and finish each one and assemble them.

    A: I adore polymer clay for it's speed and forgiving nature. I love to create lots of ideas quickly and polymer allows me to try lots of ideas in a short amount of time. It's also so light weight and durable!

    A: Aside from Jewelry I am a rock climber and a snowboarder, I am very passionate about climbing and have climbed with my husband in Greece, Mallorca, and ice climbed a glacier in Norway! I was living and working in Bozemen, MT this past Spring making jewelry and climbing and snowboarding on the weekends.

    A: Each time I touch clay I am filled with wonder at the infinite possibilities of this craft. I am always waiting to run out of ideas but somehow never do. The creative process is truly a wonder in itself!

    A: I'm actually really inspired by my Father, he isn't an artist at all and works as an Astro Physicist and does work with Hubble and the James Webb telescope. I am infinitely inspired by his work ethic, his commitment to the science community, and how he solves problems. I feel that creative problem solving within my own work and who I am as an Artist has a lot to do with how my Dad raised me to question everything, see things from all angles, and to contribute to the communities I exist within.

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