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    I make modern jewelry that combines the discipline of my architectural training with the exploration of industrial materials and processes. My work expresses modern simplicity executed with the illusion of effortless design. I strive to expose only the intentional form without gratuitous details. The result is design that celebrates the simple, pure form. I work with a combination of materials including resin, laser cut stainless steel, brushed aluminum, powder-coating, and silver.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I work with a combination of materials including hand-pigmented resin, laser cut stainless steel, brushed aluminum, powder-coating finishes, and silver. These materials lend themselves to blending different means of fabrication resulting in a collection of minimal, durable jewelry in cheerful colors with bold graphic designs.

    A: Just before the world shut down for Covid in 2020, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I stopped making work for many months while trying to come to grips with this new diagnosis and adjusting my, and my families life goals and expectations. I found that making work was such a big part of who I am that I had to return to it. I thrive on the creative process and am so defended by the things I make.

    A: I was trained as a architect which gives my work a distinct flavor. People often tell my that my designs look Scandinavian. My works tends to be bright and colorful with clean lines.

    A: Craft is a shared language that needs no translation. Craft spans cultures and generations in the connection between crafter and materials. Craft feeds our curiosity of limits of materials, development of tools, and expression of emotions. Craft makes us as human as our opposable thumbs. It brings us together to learn by sharing our skills and marveling at what we are able to produce.

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