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    Stern Glass Works is a one woman operation based out of Maia's home studio in southern Illinois. Maia is fascinated by the quotidian and the role and beauty of the seemingly banal in our daily lives. In this light Maia uses glass as a conduit to elevate objects from the ordinary to the extraordinary and to make them valued and cherished objects.These objects become story tellers, memory keepers, and community makers. Maia holds an MFA from SIUC and works with glass as her full time occupation.

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    A: My main material is glass. I buy some of my glass new, particularly if I working on a commision or have a very specific vision for a piece, but a lot of it is bought off of Facebook groups, Craigslist, etc. I try to use as much recycled and second hand material as possible! I am a glass artist and I enjoy using many different forms of glass in my work. However, since the start of COVID-19 there is a emphasis on stained glass! No matter what technique I am using I always start with a sketch to plan out my designs and then I begin the glass fabrication from there.

    A: I am lucky enough to have worked with glass since I was 12 years old. Every year I find that I am even more passionate about glass than the year before. I love to use glass in a variety of ways, for one of a kind sculptures, installation work, and also for production pieces for the home. In all of these formats glass has given me a language to speak to my community, share stories, and cause people to think and talk amongst themselves. Further, I am passionate about making beautifully crafted objects outside of the gallery setting that people can easy access and that will add life, light, and thought to their home. Every time, I sit down to work with glass there is something about the material or the process that causes me to pause a second and think "wow this is amazing"! To me there is no better way to live than working daily with a medium that causes me to stop and admire my life and the world around me!

    A: I have been really focused on creating productions goods that bridge my sculptural artist style and my requirements for production. I am so excited to be making art works that are specific to my influences and interests but that are made in such a way that I can offer them to my community at affordable prices. I am passionate about making glass more accessible.

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