Stephanie DeArmond

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  • About This Artist

    My work uses fingerprints as a central motif. I pinch slabs of porcelain into shapes, then carve images of botanicals, birds, animals, lyrics, and symbols into the surface. The solid nature of a unique piece of ceramics affirms my values of authenticity and truth. I send care into the world through making. Imagery in my work is chosen to remind me of the urgency of stopping climate change and protecting plants and animals. I find hope in untamed, wild landscapes.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use porcelain to pinch forms that leave my fingerprints intact. I love to draw and I use a slip inlay technique on the clay surface before it is fired. I decorate the pieces with different colored glazes before firing them to a high, durable temperature. My goal is to convey a meditative feeling and a respite from all the loss of this year.

    A: Clay has a tactile sense that invites us to interact with it as well as a long history of practical use. It also becomes a decorative element of home as well as shows my values of honoring the handmade, makers and art.

    A: Each time I open a glaze kiln, or see an art exhibit, or see an amazing bird completing a thousand mile migration each spring I am inspired.

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