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  • About This Artist

    I am an abstract expressionist glass artist. For over 30 years I have mastered the optics of thick glass, juxtaposing refined forms with expressive coloration. I lead a small team of glassblowers in my Vermont studio. We offer our local community the opportunity to watch and learn the art of blown glass in our open glassblowing arena. Glassblowing is a collaborative process, much like a coordinated dance. When we struggle and overcome obstacles together, we grow both as people and as artists.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I'm a glassblower who layers color and clear glass to create paintings in motion. I use a wide variety of German color glasses as well as clear glass from North Carolina. The precious metal foils I use are imported from Italy and Japan.

    A: I am passionate about the liquid light and viscosity of hot glass. My light bulb moment happened when I visited Alfred University as a teenager. It was the weekend and the lights were off in the glassblowing arena. High up on a catwalk, I looked down and watched a man casting glass in the dark. It looked like he was working with liquid light, and at that moment I decided I wanted to do what he was doing. Three decades later and I’m still in love with blowing glass.

    A: Reuniting with my small team of glassblowers helped lift my spirits above all else. Glassblowing is a collaborative process, much like a coordinated dance. When we work together, struggle, and succeed, we grow as people and artists. Seeing the emotional reactions people have to my art also keeps me going. Collectors tell me how much they love sitting with my art and meditating on the small details, little moments of color and motion layered within clear glass.

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