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  • About This Artist

    Slice Furniture is me, Kevin Costello, a CNC, and an ever-growing collection of woodworking tools. Slice Furniture is about sharing design. Design is social, a piece cut from a something larger. I make because of the awesomeness brought from making a piece of furniture enjoyed by another person.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I design my work on CAD, then convert the CAD model into a language a program that makes toolpaths can work with. From there the data is converted into a language that my CNC can understand. I machine the part and glue, or glue and machine the part. It varies. Then I shape and smooth the piece and apply the finish coat.

    A: I love wood. It looks good and it smells good. It's forgiving. It's easy to machine and it's easy to fix. If it weren't for sawdust, it would be perfect.

    A: The shapes I make for my furniture could be cast metal as easily as wood. The process I used to machine a piece is the same process that could be use for a mold.

    A: I go to the forties and fifties for inspiration. I literally traveled to Copenhagen to look at furniture, only to find the day I was there the House of Finn Juhl was closed. All I could do was look in the windows, like it was aquarium and the furniture were fish.

    A: Creating is about sharing. I don't know if anything is ever created from nothing and/or is never seen by another.

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