Sky's the Limit

Curated by Claire Astrow, Intersection for the Arts

About the collection:
At Intersection for the Arts, we provide vital resources to Bay Area art organizations so they are empowered to continue creating, thinking big, and taking weird and wonderful risks. Similarly, all of the artists in our American Craft Council collection push the boundaries of their practice and create work that is bold, uninhibited, innovative, and out-of-the-ordinary. Take, for example, Kelly Jones of Wraptillion, who makes chainmail jewelry using auto transmissions, airplane hydraulics, and motorcycle hubs. Grant Akiyama makes cups that appear more like geologic artifacts from Mars, with day-glo colors and textural, over-the-top surfaces. At Intersection for the Arts, we serve over 170 members, each with unique focuses, from arts advocacy, arts education, community arts, dance, film, theater, music, and visual arts. Yet what ties this diverse crew together, as well as the collection we curated for the American Craft Council, is a collective spirit of trailblazing.

About the Curator:
Intersection for the Arts is a bedrock Bay Area arts nonprofit that’s dedicated to helping artists grow. Through vital resources, including fiscal sponsorship, low-cost coworking and event space, and professional development programs, we empower people to continue creating, thinking big, and taking weird and wonderful risks. We believe art and culture are necessary elements of wellbeing. Claire Astrow, Engagement Manager made the curatorial selections for this collection.