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    My name is Wilbur. I am the designer and maker of the handcrafted, NYC based, luxury bag brand SK WiLBUR. My aesthetic is informed by the kinetic energy of the city with its graffiti, film, dance, theater, and pop art. The bags are infused with that excitement. Messages are meant to be empowering, joyous, whimsical conversation starters. It is important to bring craft into our daily lives because it joins the creator to the consumer in an intimate way that is unlike anything mass produced.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: The materials I use for my bags are leather, suede, cotton canvas, and acrylic paint. These materials are sourced locally in NYC or through a supplier in Georgia. My creative process is pretty organic. While my aesthetic is consistent, I am often looking inward for direction. Since I want to empower the consumer and amplify the voices of Black and Brown people, I carefully consider how my community is impacted by the world around us.

    A: I love fashion. I was initially in womenswear before I transitioned to accessories 8 years ago. I have always loved bags and, because I always have a lot of stuff to carry, they serve a very practical need, too. My designs make a statement and are great conversation starters and have a very graphic element. The artistry of it always excites me.

    A: Living keeps me nourished and inspired and passionate for creating craft. I am constantly inspired by my peers and colleagues who use different mediums to tell powerful and relevant stories.

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