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    My shop is a place where I exhibit my handmade goods and accessories. My inspiration comes from the people in the African Diaspora. From African folklore to Afro-Futurism both concepts influence many of my designs. At an early age, I began to take an interest in art, fully immersing myself in arts and crafts. I initiate all of my projects with imagination and research. What I love most about what I do is sharing my craft with the world.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: For my dolls, I like to use sustainable materials. Finding small yardage of fabrics before they end up in landfills has been my goal from day one. I also like to use yarns, scrap leather pieces and natural wood.

    A: I would say being able to create with what ever materials I may find or what ever medium I choose, it all becomes a vessel for my inspiration.

    A: Fashion, art and history. These are the things that keep my imagination running and I am always eager to learn more. Anything to propel my work.

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