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    I am a NYC based artist, educator and jewelry designer. The New York industrial landscape inspires my artwork. My environment is at once tough, gritty and yet exquisite and vulnerable; I find that this disparity comes together in my art where I combine delicate elements with rough cut stones and textural patterns.

    I studied metal-smithing at a vocational school in New York City that trained jewelers to work in the diamond district of NYC. After this training I studied and taught metal-smithing and jewelry design in Florence Italy. My work is hand wrought in silver and gold and is created by hand in my Brooklyn studio. I love the small subtle perfect imperfections that are pervasive in the handmade.

    While ever evolving in style and design, I find that my art always comes back to the industrial and psychologically rich landscape of New York City, my home.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I hand fabricate all of my work and often I will make molds of components so that I can cast elements and repurpose designs into limited edition multiples.

    A: I took my first jewelry class at the age of 13 and I never looked back. Metal can be fabricated, manipulated and cast. Each finished object becomes a small personal sculpture, symbolic to the maker and the wearer.

    A: Each piece of my work has tiny unexpected elements that are only noticed when you take an up close look; a tiny stone seen only by the wearer or an unexpected detail that could be easily overlooked when not paying attention to the details of the design.

    A: The art and craft of making has always brought me wonder and delight, the feeling never gets old! I am an artist, a maker, and an educator and I love sharing my passion for metal work. During these tumultuous times I have found that my happy place is not only in my own studio, but in the jewelry studio where the college students that I teach find their own moments of wonder and delight as they develop their creative voice through their art-work.

    A: My practice has been inspired by so many people most of whom are the strong women in my life; my mother a psychoanalyst who introduced me to the Guerilla Girls and feminist art in the 1980's, my high school art teacher who is a painter and the most incredible quilt artist, whose sense of calm and boundless creativity allowed me space to work through my ideas and my artist community who have encouraged me throughout my artistic journey.

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