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    I am a native of Baltimore MD where I teach and create my sculptural jewelry in my home studio. My pieces all start as sculptural forms and then I either cast or electroform in either sterling silver, poly enamel over copper or 18k vermeil.

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    A: Inspired by nature and the human form. Everything I make begins with sketches I then begin carving out the model for my one-of-a-kind and limited production pieces which are either cast or electroformed.

    Each piece is made in silver or gold vermeil. My latest work is finished in a wide variety of poly enamel colors. My one-of-a-kind pieces often include sapphires, cz's, and diamonds. The result is sculptural sensuous jewelry that initiates a dynamic conversation about form and expression.

    A: For me, jewelry isn't an accessory, it's in fact wearable sculpture. My passion in sculptural forms and texture has been a strong motivator from my earliest days in the studio.

    My passion is to create both visually bold and dynamic forms that will change how my collectors experience life, providing them with a sense of drama, joy and celebration. Jewelry is an expressive language and my jewelry is not a whisper, it's a song.

    A: Statement jewelry is all too often heavy and uncomfortable. My hollow forms create the bold statement without the weight. I have uniquely perfected the technique of electroforming which allows for large bold forms that are lightweight and comfortable. My new poly-enamel finish comes in a wide range of rich colors and beautiful transparency that are extremely durable and also much lighter weight. The biggest surprise is the drama I provide in lightweight, comfortable wearable sculpture.

    A: The delight of self-decoration is a magical contribution to make our everyday lives very special. My pieces are a celebration of bold curvaceous and sensuous forms that both delight and empower my collectors to be more expressive and more confident in life's most important social occasions. I love the happiness that my designs bring my collectors. It's all about joy.

    A: Iris Apfel is my favorite fashion warrior! Every day she goes to her closet with a passion to make a creative statement about her inner joy. For Iris, fashion is play, an expression of her sense of style, her confidence and her obsession with texture color and fabric. She is a woman who is unafraid to express herself. I love her attitude and her advice... "Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear". At the age of 100, Iris is still celebrating each day wearing an eclectic selection from her creative fashion collection.

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