Seth Carlson

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  • About This Artist

    As a metalsmith, I take inspiration for my jewelry and sculpture from the often unnoticed but essential life forms that make life possible across all biomes of Earth. I believe that art fosters an intimate awareness of the interconnectedness of all lifeforms. I believe that the materials that craftspeople choose, in coordination with how the natural world is presented, will be vital to influencing a mutually beneficial relationship between human and animal life.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I primarily use ethically sourced gold, and silver as well as precious gemstones, and advanced synthetic composite materials such as zirconia ceramic, and recycled carbon fiber. I source all materials from companies in the United States, who preferably have a commitment to environmental conservation. All materials are received in raw stock form (grain, sheet, or block) and they are then hand fabricated, and/or carved in addition to several other metalsmithing, and lapidary techniques.

    A: I am excited about the potential that advanced ceramics, and other recycled composites have as a substitution for animal parts including bones, teeth, claws, horn, talons, etc. I am passionate about wildlife conservation and conscious of how I represent wildlife in my artwork.

    A: Through my artwork I am striving to de-colonize the representation of animals as trophies or curiosities. I find it nourishing to challenge myself to capture the beauty of the animal as a free and independent life form.

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