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Seeks Woodworks

About The Artist

Lorin Seeks • Port Townsend, WA

I am guided by a profound belief that furniture should not only captivate the eye but should seamlessly integrate into our lives, enriching our experiences through both its aesthetics and purpose. Inspired by the wild places of the pacific northwest, I shape timeless, balanced designs that honor wood's intrinsic allure. The interplay of textures and the harmony of colors and patterns that woven and textural elements bring to my furniture are an invitation to not just observe, but to engage, touch, and feel the soul of each piece. I strive to create furniture that becomes an integral part of our human experience.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

I design and craft bespoke, modern furniture and housewares using traditional wood joinery techniques, wood turning, and wood carving. While my process includes woodworking machines, what sets my work apart is the use and mastery of traditional hand tools in the making of my pieces. It's the fine details, the hand shaped curves, the subtly exposed hand cut joinery that only hand tools can accomplish and which bring me great joy in the use of - I strive to let that joy and the devotion to the craft come through in everything I made. I am also drawn to the texture and contrast that melding fiber arts into woodcraft can yield, and I enjoy incorporating woven elements into my work - cane, danish cord, rattan, waxed cotton cord, and more.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

My journey as a craftsperson brings me great joy. Central to my passion is the reverence I hold for the material. I am awed and inspired by the wild places of the Pacific Northwest. Trees, magnificent and untouched by human artifice, embody a perfect harmony within nature. It's a privilege to transform their essence into enduring creations that will stand the test of time. Drawing inspiration from the clean lines of Danish modernism, the simplicity of Japanese design, and the functional aesthetics of Shaker tradition, I endeavor to channel the soul of each tree into pieces that are unmistakably timeless. The interplay of colors, shadows, textures, and patterns woven seamlessly into furniture designs captivates me.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

For me, the essence of furniture and housewares lies in its functionality, an indispensable aspect often overshadowed by its visual allure. Every piece I design and meticulously construct is an homage to this principle - the union of form and function. Furniture and houseware carries a vital role in our existence, and I am driven to honor this role. It's not just about pristine surfaces, fair curves, or flawless joinery; it's about the lived-in quality that emerges as these pieces embark on ther journey alongside us. Through my work, I seek to celebrate this evolution, to encourage an intimacy between the user and the piece, allowing the furniture to become an integral part of their own story. I often incorporate woven elements or subtly exposed joinery into my work. This tactile dimension invites a sensory engagement that extends beyond mere sight, beckoning users to run their hands over the intricate surfaces, to feel the harmony of materials converging in joyful unity.