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    Since the first day he melted glass into a clear marble, Sean Donlon has been drawn to the challenges of glass manipulation. Donlon earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Craft and Material Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012. He has traveled all over the United States and internationally to Lauscha, Germany and Murano, Italy to study lost techniques in glass, and to work with other glass artists. Among his distinguished honors, Donlon was the recipient of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts fellowship, was awarded Best in Show at Craft + Design, was featured in American Craft Magazine, Home & Design Magazine, and recently received the Smithsonian’s New Direction – Excellence in Design, of the Future award. Donlon's work has been exhibited in the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, the Chrysler Museum, and several galleries throughout the United States. He is currently living and working in Richmond, Virginia.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use flameworking, a glassblowing technique, to create these teapots. Within the manipulation of glass and fire a unique vessel is born.

    A: What I love most about Glass is that it has the ability to imitate any medium, and still has the unique qualities of glass that make a glass. I love that when using this material it's very much dancing with fire, heat, and gravity. Every day working with the material I find myself getting better and understanding it more. Glass is truly a humbling medium in the fact that it can break at any point if you misstep.

    A: Whenever I talk with somebody about the thing they find most unique about my work is that they think it's great that I can work with Silver and Metals… And then I invite the viewer to take a closer look at the medium - what they're thinking is silver or metal is actually glass. I love the interaction between the viewer and the art when they find out what the material they thought was metal is really hand blown glass.

    A: I love the intimacy between maker and medium that craft creates. Imagination and wonder are large components of my draw to the medium of glass. I remember as a child loving glass jewelry and beads, and I always wondered how that they would be made but never really imagine what it would be like until I got to work behind a flame working torch and experience the making process of glass for myself.

    A: Not just one, I am inspired by all my interactions with everyone I meet in life

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