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    In 2005, after spending the majority of my life as a photographer I discovered the art of fused glass. My conception of a glass piece begins with a vague idea of color or texture. When creating, it takes on a life of its own and may end up totally different than originally planned. Working with glass, I am reminded that life, like glass, is fragile. And that something shattered and broken into a million pieces can be recreated into something whole and beautiful again.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I'm currently working with vitrigraph cane that I make in my studio and chop into small murrine to be fused together. I organize my colors, pull the cane, and decide on a shape of a final piece while I'm chopping the murrine. Each piece goes into the kiln multiple times for fusing several times, is coldworked, then slumped into its final shape.

    A: I love working with glass. I can go to my studio, pick up my tools, and forget about everything else for a while. Glass is a medium that connects me with life. It's a constant reminder of beauty and fragility. It's an interesting thought that a piece of my glass could be around hundreds of years after I'm gone, or gone tomorrow.

    A: Someone looking at my work has no idea of the hours of labor involved in kiln formed glass. It's not a visual art where you can watch me create a piece like in glass blowing. All of the heat work is done undercover in a kiln, and the cold work is a boring process to watch. But the final pieces are just so colorful and eye catching.

    A: Like a lot of other artists and at the risk of being cliché, I'm inspired by nature. I grew up near the coast, mountains, and in nature. I'm also inspired by all kinds of music. Come to my studio and you'll never know what style of music you'll hear.

    A: Craft of any form breaks societal barriers. Anyone from anywhere can create and that connects us on a spiritual level. It's through collaboration and creating that we can find answers to our problems and overcome the obstacles. I find great joy in collaborating with other artists and have enjoyed working with woodworkers, painters, and other glass artists.

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