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Sarah Wiley Art

About The Artist

Sarah Wiley • Richmond, VA
Fiber and Textiles - Homegoods • CUSTOM COMMISSIONS

I have created with my hands for as long as I can remember. I also have a passion for interior design and for all things miniature. As my life path weaves along, I bring these interests together by creating rooms in miniature. I am a self-taught artist, both in my former career in interior design and now in my textile art. My pieces are created layer by layer. I use unusual materials, including repurposed interior design memo samples and used fabrics. The details build slowly as I create a composition, assembling, choosing and placing each successive piece of fabric. I have a keen eye for detail, and take special care to drape the fold of a curtain or to stuff a cushion. Much of my work is based on commissions, where I bring my clients joy by creating innovative works of art that become family treasures. I am a member of the Fiber Forum (Embroiderers� Guild of America) and the Embroidery Guild of England.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

My design process begins with photographs of interior spaces. I use a drawing software that works with an embroidery machine. I interpret the objects in a room into shapes that I then stitch using interior design fabric. The pattern, color and textures I choose evokes the look and feel of the finished room portrait. My hope is that the viewer will feel a personal connection to the room and want to inhabit the space.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

When I decided to purchase a simple embroidery machine (for fun!) it opened my eyes to how a machine could help in the creation of a design. Since I found pre-made designs �too staged� and perfect, I searched for a way to create more organic and loose designs. I quickly learned that the �stitch-only� designs would take hours to stitch out. At this time, I was still designing interiors. I had many memo samples and extra fabric lying around � Aha! The applique process began. Instead of using all stitches to fill a space, I used beautiful and colorful interior design fabrics to fill my hand-drawn shapes.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

I am giving back to our planet by reusing unwanted leftover fabrics. There are so many leftover and unused fabrics and materials from the interior design business that I was a part of for almost 30 years. Outdated manufacturer�s samples, fabric left on ends of bolts and leftover pieces from houseware�s construction to name only a few. I�m pleased that I have found a use for the materials that are otherwise thrown into our landfills. I call on all interior designers in my area for their donations of leftovers. Recently one of my original art works received second place in a juried show, �Recycled,� at Art Works in Richmond, Virginia