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    I am a fiber artist, inspired by nature near my Blue Ridge Mt. home. I design and sustainably hand make garments, accessories, gifts, and home décor for people who love nature. My designs have a simple, comfortable, and contemporary aesthetic. I use natural, increasingly local materials, employing the techniques of natural dyeing, plant printing, felting, and hand sewing. Slow craft fashion healthfully enriches all our lives, especially when you can meet the artist and wear that connection.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I start with natural wool roving (washed and carded fibers) and/or bolts of natural, undyed fabric. I prepare the fibers to accept the natural plant colors. Natural dyeing is a joyful blending of art and science. Each dye and fabric have their own special conditions for obtaining a particular color by varying time, temperature and chemistry. One of the remarkable things about working with natural dyes is that the colors obtained are naturally harmonious…. The sheer beauty of nature’s colors!

    A: Everything I make involves the transformation of these raw materials using plants, water and my hands. In creating Nuno felted items, like the Shawls, and Wall Art pieces, I use water, soap and my hands to encourage wool fibers to penetrate the fabric and then shrink, in a process called fulling. Through this process, I create a new transformed, combined natural textile that has new properties of drape, texture & form! AND it is made sustainably, healthfully, and one at a time.

    A: I use only the finest materials in my studio, which makes items that are SOFT and wonderful to wear and touch. In my Nuno felted items, I use ultra-fine merino and merino-tencel roving, the small diameter of these fibers makes the final product soft. The fabrics I use include silks, all of which have beautiful drape, especially Crepe de Chine and every woman needs silk velvet in her life! Finally, many of my items are reversible and have different looks on each side, for wardrobe flexibility.

    A: In botanical printing, I steam plant material laid on fabric so that the plants mark the fabric with their natural plant bio-colors. The moment of opening a project bundle is always a joyful surprise to me as the plant prints vary infinitely, depending on the plants and when I naturally dye the fabric there is more variation, since the plant bio-colors interact with the natural dye as well. It is like opening gifts from Gaia, every day, in the studio.

    A: I cannot narrow down my personal sources of inspiration for my work to just one person. My work is strongly influenced by the classic 1960’s clothing styles (Jackie Kennedy and my mother), my deep love of nature (Gaia), impressionist art (Cezanne & Van Gogh), and the 20th Century modernists (Miro, Rothko, Kandinsky, etc.). I feel all of these presences in the studio when I work, like a dance.

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