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    Hand-cut acrylic and bakelite, often recycled cold joined with sterling silver. I have primarily used these materials for the last thirty years, often working with recycled materials. Designing jewelry a person can wear and love for years has always been my goal. My materials give me a wide range of possibilities in fabrication techniques and loads of color options to suit any style. I favor clean lines and spare use of decoration to give my work a contemporary, sculptural feel.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I recently started laser cutting a lot of the acrylic elements of my work, which has opened up a whole world of design options because of the time saved not hand cutting each piece. I'm now working on designing new ways to fabricate the silver elements of my work so it can continue to evolve and change.

    A: The color options the acrylic and bakelite keeps me motivated to try new and different designs with color combinations I don't always gravitate to immediately.

    A: I love designing large pieces and with the acrylic and bakelite I can make large pieces that are light weight and very wearable.

    A: Three years ago I decided I wanted to collaborate with another jeweler to explore different ways of seeing my material choices. Melissa Finnelli Kindly agreed to the project. We have enjoyed working together so much that we turned it into a limited line, MJ jewelry lab. All the work is very playful and most one of a kind pieces so it is always different and requires us to keep exploring new ideas.

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