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  • About This Artist

    My artistic expression has grown out of my desire to honor my being both a Black Woman and a woman of Asian descent. Living between these two cultures has not always been easy and my artistic voice has been my way of coping within my sometimes chaotic existence. Through the exploration of various artistic processes and inspired by natural sources, I have developed a visual language for my works in metal and enameling that speaks to and speaks of this duality.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work starts off by some sketching of shapes. From there it is pretty intuitive as I bring the rough sketches to life. Using copper I cut out the shapes and solder any earring posts, if needed. Then begins the enameling part. I don't ever plan the colors I use but I tend to favor blues, blue-greens, red, black, white and then a range tones within those colors. I love adding drawn details using pigments & oils that add the graphic details that make my natural inspirations come to life.

    A: I learned how to enamel in high school...40 years ago! I was immediately hooked on the cloisonné process our teacher showed us. She mainly did cloisonné and grisaille enameling, but the work she shared and just how she taught had me fascinated with the process. Years and a few workshops later I now love using liquid enamel, enamel pigments (in powder and watercolor), and traditional 80 mesh enamel to create my work. I recently took a workshop and plan to experiment with underglaze pencils more.

    A: My use of color is unique in most of the mediums I practice. I love the bold use of color and the contrast between them. On the flip side, I can use a muted palette when I want to create delicate and quiet piece. My work has been a mix of both but when you meet me, I pretty much dress in black and dark colors!

    A: My first inspiration was my high school art teacher Alison. Her enameling work and pewter metal work is what catapulted me into considering myself an artist too. Even though I loved enameling, I majored in Art Education and concentrated in printmaking which lead to being influenced by Jasper Johns & Kara Walker: color & contrast. Enamelist who also inspire me are Jamie Bennett, Jessica Calderwood, and Tanye Crane. These artists' process, design & story they tell with their work is amazing!

    A: Several years ago I was lucky to attend Haystack's Summer Program for two weeks. It was the first time I wasn't the only person of color in attendance at some type of art workshop. The open vibe at Haystack is what I attribute to the open community that encourages collaboration. Through different studios, artists came together and shared process, knowledge, camaraderie and meals. We floated in and out our Haystack life and I can say it was one of the best experiences I had.

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