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    My designs are a reflection of who I am and what I have become. My love for the medium I use allows me to overcome the stiffness of the metal and explore its softness resulting in different textures, looseness and motions visible in my work. My hand made pieces are forged, hammered and textured with a satin finish to bring out the ice cold white of the sterling silver against the warmth of the 18K and 22K gold. The hammer marks, allows the wearer to see my hands and heart behind my pieces.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is hand-made. I use ancient techniques such as forging, texturing and a lot of hammering. My pieces are finished with a satin finish that brings out both the gold and the silver that I use combined in all of my work.

    A: I have always gravitated towards combining both silver and gold. The cold icy look of the silver against the warmth of the gold brings out the beauty in each of my pieces. I enjoy the challenge of overcoming the stiffness of the metal to achieve a look that is soft and loose.

    A: The classical look with a contemporary feel is what sets my work apart. My jewelry is very wearable. The same piece can be worn to a formal occasion or a casual one. As a customer once said "it is easy to forge and hammer but, to make a whole elegant line of it is what makes the jewelry unique and exceptional". A lot of my pieces are kinetic and can be worn in different ways.

    A: My inspiration is all the different countries I have lived in and the cultures I have been exposed to. It is the beauty that exists everywhere around me.

    A: The best example would be when all the artists from different parts of the country and different cultures with different backgrounds get together at a show. The comradery is incredible and the bonding is amazing. We all have so much in common and yet we are all so unique and different. Only artists know what other artists go through. It is a beautiful world, our world.

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