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  • About This Artist

    I am a goldsmith and gemologist living in San Francisco making jewelry with gemstones, high karat gold, and silver. My work is colorful and strong lined with a touch of the whimsical.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is hand fabricated with sheets and wire of gold and silver. Each bezel setting is made to hold its specific gemstone. I form these with a combination of tools like pliers and hammers. I even make some of my own tools by hand from steel. I soldier with the European blow torch, which incorporates my actual breath to make the torch hot and connect me with the piece.

    A: I am passionate about the natural materials that come from the Earth. Keeping sources ethical and sustainable when possible is also important to me. Whether that is to know working conditions of the mines my gemstones come from or using recycled gold and silver, it helps keep my carbon footprint small and considerate.

    A: Finding interesting minerals and unique cuts of stones keeps my work unique. Using gems in a shape or cut you don’t always see makes the work unexpected and visually striking. This also challenges me technically while creating settings for these stones.

    A: Looking back at the history of jewelry always leaves me with a sense of wonder. Knowing people have been manipulating metal and gemstones for thousands of years with much less sophisticated tools than we have today. On the other side of the timeline, it is also fascinating to see modern technology utilized, like lasers or computer aided design. I tend to keep my studio and working style fairly primitive in today's sense of the word.

    A: The most influential person for my work has been my Mother. Her love of jewelry and gems always had me in awe. I loved playing in her jewelry box as a little kid and she not only nurtured my creativity, she also supported my career in the metal arts.

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