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  • About This Artist

    Rocky Pardo is a mixed precious metal jewelry artist living and working in Alton, IL. Her designs give homage to her split roots in the Midwest and Spain. Her love for jewelry came at an early age and has been a burning passion since her first forays in her mother’s jewelry box. Using ethically sourced silver, gold, her own mixed precious metal alloys, and gemstones, Rocky merges craftsmanship and attention to detail to produce dainty, but durable designs that let anyone rock their sparkle.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use a variety of techniques including hand fabrication, forming, alloying, reticulation, soldering, and stone setting to create my pieces. I hand select the various precious and semi-precious gemstones that I use throughout my work to create balance and add some sparkle. I put a high priority on ethically sourced metals and gemstones, often recycling and reusing my own metal.

    A: I love playing with my torch and molten metal! The variety of textures and alloys that I can create with flame gives me the feeling of being a modern day alchemist. I am in awe of how simple many of the tools and techniques are that I'm making with metal in the same way that humans have been making for millennia. I also really enjoy picking out gemstones with the most unique characteristics. The feel of stone and metal have grounding and powerful effect every time I start a new work.

    A: I often write haikus for my pieces. I have always had a fondness for poetry and after taking a course on ekphrasis I found it so delightful to send my works off into the world while waxing poetic. I also like to emphasize the reward that is jewelry as art with fun approaches to the parts of fine jewelry that are often overlooked. I've always had a fascination with the minutia and little seen in the world and think that jewelry is the perfect vessel to reward those with an attention to detail.

    A: Living in the moment of the world around me provides the best inspiration for me to create. I love to absorb through touch, sight, and sound the texture of all things. I'm also inspired by the many artists of all mediums who have come before me, especially the ones who I've been fortunate to have as my teachers (directly and not). Recently, I am most inspired by the work of my teacher Roger Rimel, the poetry of Pablo Neruda, and the delicious creations of chefs like Logan Ely.

    A: The notion that I live to eat rather than eat to live is one that I abide by beyond the dinner table. Craft, like a great meal, is best when shared and celebrated with others. Jewelry has the power to hold great sentimentality and I've found that sharing my process can make the bond between person and piece stronger. Whether I am teaching classes at my community's art collective (the MAC) or hosting a couple's wedding band class in my personal studio, sharing the process makes it worthwhile.

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