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  • About This Artist

    This ongoing series of wood objects is based on the extension of a known and repeated form. Surfaces are modified to clarify the geometry of the object without subverting the skeletal form. The final presentation is visually restrained, and any references to states outside of the object itself are avoided.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: These wood objects are made using wood, metals, cloth, paper, resins, paint, dyes, glazes, and varnish. Most objects do contain most. There are two distinct parts that are combined at the end of the making process. The flat piece is worked by physically scoring the surface, establishing a general armature for further work with surface colorants and textures (listed above). Ultimately, the bent component is fit to the flat component, secured, and finished.

    A: I've allowed the occurence of material interaction, and with little editing, I collaborate with the physical results to bring the piece to a place of stasis.

    A: I have taken a form and allowed it to be loaded with visual incidents, some of which are mistaken for more traditional woodworking methods.

    A: Robert Ryman, Jasper Johns, Sol Lewitt

    A: I work alone and generally avoid interaction, but being included in a craft conversation, whether through shows or galleries, forces me to calibrate my responses and working methods. I have a much larger audience because of my inclusion in craft discussions.

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