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    My work focuses on bringing awareness to endangered species, animal cruelty, and the living conditions wild animals live due to our toxic environment. Many of us don’t acknowledge the fact that animals have feelings just as a human being. I try to show the beauty and the harsh reality that many of the animals go through

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I can never sit down and just make work because I can. The work must have a meaning, if it does not, then the work has no value or care into the process. In various occasions, I'll see people post current or past events in social media on an incident that happened to an animal. Whether it was cruel or injustice, I channel that anger and sadness towards my work. There's always a story, a meaning and an awareness.

    A: With clay you can make anything come to life. The fact that you can make something with your hands and be able to touch people's heart with the work has always been a motivation of mine.

    A: There has been moments in which people look at the work and wonder why it has certain elements to it and those certain elements may have a story to it. Whether the story may be sad or informative, my drive is to bring that awareness to the public.

    A: A lot of my inspirations come from social media. Whether is a happy or sad story, I tend to keep a list of ideas to try to keep up with current events

    A: Art can definitely bring any type of culture together. Even if the art work does not translate to one, it can at least start a dialogue with one another. For example, during my time in grad school, I had a moment with one of my professors in which I asked her to come by my studio to view my work in progress. She was emotionally moved of the story and what the piece was about. She was then able to translate that story towards her father. Because of moments like that, it is why I make work.

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