Reimaginary Friends

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    I started my Career as a Costume Designer at 19. I apprenticed at the Santa Fe Opera and went on to work for Philadelphia Ballet, Philadelphia Opera, Metropolitan Opera, PBS series of Shakespeare for 11 years. Worked in the Fashion Industry as Designer/Pattern maker 6 years till my light bulb moment. Went on to design/patterns for small cottage makers for 4 years. Became a sustainable Designer/Recycled Art Teacher for 11 years.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I locally collect sweaters, knits and polar fleece that are sanitized, in the hottest water to create a soft hand while felting some materials. Starts with either a dream or request. I keep a journal. Sometimes it starts with a sketch or sometimes go right into the design process. That includes sketches, pattern, prototype and finalization. I live in my imagination and each character was to harken back to folk art, yet propose sustainability. My mission is to reduce post consumer waste while creating a keepsake.

    A: Everything, from exploration to challenging what can be reclaimed and how these materials can be mixed and form sculptural stuffed animals. I am self-taught Designer/Artist. I love felting, weaving, silk painting, textile design, painting and illustration work. What gets me the most excited is that I can actually help reduce post consumer materials and be a solution to a greener, cleaner planet.

    A: I love to cook and I eat very well. I love hiking and live where it is very beautiful. I love creating and that keeps me very young. I am also writing a book for children "featuring " Reimaginary Friends and using my illustrations for the book as well. I am planning to be published by next year.

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