Rebecca Zweibel

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  • About This Artist

    Surface and form are important to me in my work. The act of creation fulfills my inner drive of expression, which I think enables others to experience emotions perhaps unavailable to them. I am primarily self-taught, but attend many inspiring workshops and retreats.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I create forms from slabs of earthen red clay, apply terra sgillata, slip and underglaze in various spontaneous designs, then draw into the clay with a sharp pencil. The piece is fired once, then I use a copper carbonate wash to add dimension and darken the sgraffitoed line before the final firing.

    A: Clay is an almost magical material that allows me to create almost any form I can think of. Slip, underglaze, and terra sigillata all open my mind to almost infinite possibilities on the surface of the clay. I can't think of any other art form that speaks so well to my creative drive.

    A: Almost all of my forms and designs are spontaneous. Although I might have some general ideas ahead of time, I find it best to just let my unconscious mind direct the movement of my hands.

    A: The need to express oneself is, I think, universal. I work in a communal studio and am constantly shaped by the work and thoughts of other artists around me. The variety of expression is infinite and continually inspiring. I'm thankful for the opportunity of discussion and for the expansion of connection between all of the artists in my surrounding community, and across the country.

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