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  • About This Artist

    I always loved to draw, build, and play with different materials. I became an architect and a designer. I designed costumes, sets, buildings. When I moved to San Francisco I began doing what I love most, crafting jewelry by hand using responsibly sourced materials. During the pandemic I relished the opportunity to be outdoors, inspiring my new collection, using organic forms and textures. I created one of a kind pieces in geometric, nature-inspired forms, adding depth and sculptural elements.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My studio is based in San Francisco. All my pieces are hand made by me. I use traditional metal smiting techniques. Lately, my work has expanded to one of a kind pieces in organic yet structured and geometric form. The circles and spheres add depth, texture, and sculptural elements to the design, while introducing asymmetrical patterns.

    A: I am treating my jewelry pieces as sculptures. Working with silver, gold and precious and semi-precious stones, I am always fascinated by how much I can challenge, forge, bend and fold the hard metal to flexible material in order to create a dynamic piece of jewelry/ a sculpted object. I am thrilled by the possibilities of creating origami fold inspired pieces, or by the playfulness offered by stone settings of uniquely shaped one of a kind stones.

    A: My jewelry is modern, stylish and clean. I aim to create timeless pieces that can be worn day and night. During the pandemic, I've relished every opportunity to spend more time outdoors, going on nature hikes and riding my bike through the park and by the sea. This has inspired my new collection, connecting organic forms and textures and translating them into circular shapes and spheres.

    A: During the pandemic, when we were shut off from the outside world and kept in our houses for days, my craft and the ability to imagine what the impact that my designs might have on people was a source a constant hope for me. When some of the restrictions were lifted and I was able to return to my studio I grew to cherish even more the ability to communicate with fellow jewelers, learn from them and share ideas.

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