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    My degree was from the U of I, in Sculpture and Jewelry. After teaching I worked as a goldsmith, casting over 5,000 one of a kind commissions as well as for retail jewelry stores in Chicago and New York. I also worked for Hefner making 400 nudes in bronze for his LA mansion. After a colleague was murdered I stopped working full time in gold and switched to aluminum. For the past 32 years I've explored mobiles and jewelry in anodized aluminum, making all the elements by hand, helping to anodize and hand dye each part. My wife Michelle, the "Color Queen", is the driving force behind our color palette, designs most of the jewelry as well as has created and organized Q3 Art.

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    A: Each element of the design must be replicated, formed, forged, textured, polished and anodized from raw aluminum. These are then hand dyed to match for color, sealed, assembled and balanced for the mobiles. Mobiles are shipped assembled and ready to hang. Commissions can be original artwork or based on previous designs, sized up or down. I create maquettes of my larger commissions (currently up to 50') which are displayed as desktop mobiles. I've also taken 10" mobiles and enlarged them to 7'.

    A: Nobody runs after you, demanding that you give them your aluminum. It is so affordable to work in. Aluminum is a wonderful medium. It can be work hardened for strength and annealed for forging. We chose a matte surface to anodize, giving us saturation of the dyes. The only drawback to working in anodized aluminum is the fact that all connections are done cold, mostly with rivets.

    A: When I was in High School, my older brother was involved in art. I was studying medicine to become a doctor. My brother confided in me that he was getting out of art because there was no money in it. I said, "Great! art is open!" so we switched. I became an artist and my brother became a doctor, who does basic research at the CDC.

    A: My featured product "Journey" is based on a dream. First place winner of the Niche Award, it was a Bird of Peace, with a parcel in it's beak. It dropped the parcel and it turned into a viscous liquid that hit the earth and started to spread. I stepped back so the goo wouldn't get on my shoes. It kept spreading and I was out in space watching the entire globe covered in goop. At that point I began to wonder how this could have been a Bird of Peace that dropped this on us? It was then that I heard the sound of billions of people all saying "Ahhh"

    A: My Father was a tool and die maker who always encouraged me to be persistent and compassionate in my work. It is through my love for him that I have been able to create and complete so many individual projects. I would be remiss if I didn't also mention my wife and business partner Michelle, without her passion and creativity Q3 Art would not exist.

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