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    Philip is a happily married, full time artist, from rural New Jersey. He relies heavily on his ability to leverage modern day technologies to accurately bring his meticulous designs to life. These abilities are born from his love of art, design, machinery, and a past in traditional woodworking. Patiently working with a variety of super thin plywood, Philip builds up layer upon layer to create relief sculptures that invoke feelings both traditional and modern.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: There is no substitution for copious amounts of hands-on effort invested into a piece of woodwork. We are lucky enough to be able to make these massive lengthly investments AND use CNC lasers to do our bidding. Our process is a cocktail of modern day technology along with simple, old school patience shaken together and served over ice. After extensive designing and delicate woodwork, we're able to display wooden artwork that captivates those who walk by. This captivation makes the work bearable.

    A: I have a strong desire to continually push what is possible within this medium. My objective is to continually raise the bar of what is expected from woodworkers and laser workers. I aim to set my work as the benchmark. This can not happen without a commitment to produce work that is greater than the last one.

    A: My professional background is a mixture of digital design and woodworking. In fact, I sold my growing custom furniture business in the pursuit of blending these to separate backgrounds into one art form. There was a need for a blank slate. A new start. I am blessed to be able to use a wide range of skills under one roof, within one project.

    A: I am inspired by any artwork that uses intrinsically beautiful shapes. There is something so strange about the human mind that will accept one pencil line, for example, as being pleasant, while another line (that is 99% the same shape) as being not quite right. Intrinsically beautiful lines are everywhere around us - from museums to take out menus.

    A: There is no experience in the world like creating something great when you are surrounded by, inspired by, and challenged by fellow humans in the pursue of having fun. One of my best selling designs (Dalliance) has a unique coloring scheme developed by some friends visiting after a decade. Within minutes they were on the floor mixing color tiles, asking for more colors, playing like school children. I credit the success of the design in part to the fact that we were just having fun.

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