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    My work is made of stoneware or porcelain. Each piece is created individually by throwing on the wheel, hand-building, or a combination of the two. I apply my decoration in multiple layers employing wax-resist, brushwork and dipping to imbue my patterns with depth. The work is then high-fired in a heavy reduction atmosphere. My glazes are designed to capture carbon from the reduction process.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Clay. Clay supply store. Porcelain or Stoneware.Thrown, thrown and altered or hand built.Glazes applied in layers.High-fired. Functional

    A: I love to create functional objects that will enhance a persons living environment.

    A: I find myself in a period of exploration. Covid has taken away my typical show routine. This has created space for me to explore. With the next few bodies of work, I'll be pursuing several new forms. This has me very engaged in the creative process.

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