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  • About This Artist

    Whitney Simpkins makes ceramic objects as Personal Best Ceramics. She combines traditional forms and techniques with modern glazes and designs to create playful versions of humble functional ware. She lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I regularly use stoneware clay, but I'll occasionally also use porcelain and earthenware. My process is long and involved, and it starts with a lot of planning.

    A: It’s really amazing that you can make almost any form out of raw clay and eventually hold it in your hands as a finished piece. It can be as durable or delicate, or as functional or nonfunctional as you’d like. The only restriction is the size of your kiln, and there are some pretty big kilns out there.

    A: The endless possibilities of ceramics lends itself to endless creativity. And because it’s only me making all of my work, I have the opportunity to constantly experiment and create new forms and styles. That kind of freedom definitely keeps things interesting.

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