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    Ultra-light fiber jewelry handmade out of couture European textiles and vintage laces. Inspired by the freedom of dance, my jewelry becomes part of your clothing, with the accent on softness, movement and textures. It creates a unique and feminine look, with pieces looking like true metal jewelry. Created in Barcelona in 2005 after several years as an apparel designer, it’s crafted by creating forms, cutting patterns which are hand stitched, stiffen, coated, hand dyed or painted in New York.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Inspired by the freedom of dance, the pieces are designed by creating forms and cutting patterns which are then hand stitched, stiffened and reinforced, hand dyed or painted and much more. Technically my work is a challenge: making very strong fiber pieces for everyday use that look absolutely ethereal and are weightless. I'm BA Honors in Textiles and Fashion with 15 years’ experience in apparel design.

    A: Being the youngest of five sisters, I started drawing fashion figures at the age of eight. I tried to reproduce the dresses that I saw in the glamorous Hollywood movies and musical shows. I had never worn any piece of jewelry before creating my line. The traditional concept of jewelry as an ornament, based on the weight of the piece, never appealed to me. I enjoy the weightless aspect and movement of my pieces which results in a strong, fun, comfortable and ultra-feminine look.

    A: My textile jewelry pieces are featherweight and have a true metallic look. They move with you when you walk. I like to think that they are permanently dancing with you.

    A: Fred Astaire's dancing, high fashion and jazz music have been my inspiration since I was little.

    A: I have had my company for 15 years and throughout this time I had four different production assistants. My first one was from Spain, the second one was from Brazil, third from El Salvador and currently I am working with a woman from Mexico. They've helped me to improve my stitching and ironing techniques and as a result my pieces are more durable. I've taught them how to make the pieces, how to dye, assemble them plus helped them develop a taste for aesthetic, fashion and art.

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