OLIVO by Raquel

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    I am an artist making handmade bags. OLIVO are products made of leather/canvas. Some pieces are block printed, my process for that is as follows; I draw & carve my own blocks, stamp on fabric to create one of a kind textiles using organic canvas. For my leatherwork I use leather sourced locally & hand stitch every item myself in my home studio in LA. Having lost my daughter to suicide October 2020, being able to be creative has been my therapy & I feel having craft in our lives is so important.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I hand cut all of my leather goods and hand stitch them all as well. For my waxed canvas goods I use an industrial sewing machine. I have some one of a kind block printed pieces as well. For my block printed pieces I create a block, carve the block and then ink it and print it on fabric. It's a very long process but very satisfying.

    A: Lately I have been very focused on saddle stitching leather and having a more slow fashion approach to my goods, it helps me feel more connected to the final product which adds more value and quality.

    A: I am a Latina from Chicago that went to school for Photography, I have photographed several household name celebrities and musicians as well as photographing many ad campaigns in the US. My love for photography is still very present but have fallen in deeper love with creating with my hands for the last several years.

    A: I love Kelly Wearstler for inspiration.

    A: I believe craft creates community by bringing people together to share their art. During covid I think that many people gained an appreciation for DIY and craft in general, so many suppliers sold out of raw materials which shows me that craft is in all of us, we just have to find it.

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