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    Drawn together through a mutual admiration of timeless artifacts and a passion for the unconventional our work is born from a collective endeavor where each piece is designed and crafted by both of us. We combine our talents; Sheko has Masters degree in Fine Arts and is a founding member of the artists collaborative, The Institute for Wishful Thinking. She has exhibited internationally for 15 year, as a sculptor and has won several awards, including the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant. Sarkis, a classically trained jeweler, has worked for 20 years with prestigious design houses including Kwiat, Tiffany, Paloma Picasso, J & H Flyer and House of Clasps. Every piece is touched by both artists using their specialization by combining diverse skill sets we create one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces with intriguing conceptual narratives.

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    A: Our pieces are born from a collective endeavor, taking advantage of our diverse and individual skill sets. The sculptural elements are carved and the creative connections are fabricated using varied approaches in combination with joining techniques like swallowtail and ball pivots. Through experimentation we have created a unique and innovative carving technique using highly modified tools. We set our stones using pave, prong, hammered and burnishing styles and fabricate our chains and locks.

    A: We collaborate as Nyeari; the name Bronze Age Mesopotamians gave to the highlands where the headwaters of their life giving rivers sprung. We are inspired by the ancient yet progressive beauty of everyday objects from this Age of Heroes. We use old world techniques that originate from this part of the world; including swallow tail, point pivots and ball connections. Underlying the symbolic meaning is a tantalizing and more primal exploration of motion and light.

    A: Our work reflects on mankind’s intuitive understanding of the meaning of existence and of hidden truths. We believe that one of the greatest challenges in life is becoming true to our inner selves. The journey of life is circular and is something like trying to find your way back from what you've become to who you actually are. Our work speaks to this essential nature, bringing clarity and reminding us that the process of discovery never ends.

    A: One of our biggest friends is the happy accident. We have many techniques that were discovered by but what some might call a mistake, but we call them gifts. Nature's logical voice has a powerful aesthetic component as it defines unities amongst seemingly diverse patterns. These unities include the ideas of order, symmetry, similarity, organization, scaling and networks. Each displaying harmonic compositions across widely diverse phenomenon. These logical sequences produce patterns that have a strong aesthetic appeal. The aesthetic voice speaks as we absorb the beauty of the moment; the wonder and awe of color, form, and pattern. The spiritual voice speaks as we appreciate the interrelationship of an object with ourselves and our surroundings. That awe of knowing that everything somehow fits together.

    A: We are inspired by each other and finding ways to push our collaborative limits. Since we work on each and every piece together we push each other to new heights. For example, Sheko does the metal work and Sarkis does the diamond setting. When Sheko is working on the foundation of a piece she is thinking about what types of interesting settings that Sarkis could experiment with and he never fails to surprise her with new innovations. This way we keep growing and changing but most importantly it keeps our work fun. This is the push and pull that makes our pieces unique and different. Not always an easy dance but the outcomes are original and breathtaking.

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