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    My name is Nikki Erichsen and I'm a ceramic artist based in Miami, FL, making vases, planters, and dinnerware. I fell in love with clay when I was a kid and still believe everyone should get a little dirty once in awhile. Making pieces reminds me to continue learning and connecting to people by way of expression. I've tried to go down different career paths but it always comes back to ceramics!

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    A: I work with clay from my studio in Miami, FL. First I wheel throw pieces, and later started handbuilding chains and attachments to bringing more movement to my final pieces.The chains are intended to remind anyone touching the piece of its assumed fragility. Alongside these designs I also produce utilitarian pieces. I love repetition in my work and believe repetition can bring new solutions and techniques into my day to day practices.

    A: I fell in love with pottery when I was in elementary school and since then I've always gravitated towards work that can get a little dirty. I think there's something in us to make ceramic work and the fact that I have centuries and centuries of literature, images, and lessons is really inspiring and helps me connect with a community I love.

    A: I make sure all my pieces can be touchable. I make things I want to touch even after hours and hours of working on them. They want to be held all day and told they're pretty.

    A: Recently it's been reading for me. I've been hooked on Patti Smith books and artists bios! Something about getting lost in someone else's world and mind is so refreshing and I think you can really do that with any medium. I'm constantly looking at past artists for encouragement, like the way Betty Woodman altered her wheel thrown shapes into expressive forms. Inspiration also comes with music to get the brain bubbling like disco, funk, reggaeton, and house which are always playing at the studio.

    A: Crafts are a constant in my life. Without ceramics I don't really know what I would be doing when it comes to making friends! No matter where, when, or with who, I think an open air market can cure it all. When I make it brings me joy but sharing it with others brings me community. I think any maker can tell you it's such a rollercoaster of emotions in at the studio but it's all well worth it when you know an audience appreciates it or someone else can find inspiration in it.

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