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    Baltimore Native, Shena (Sam) Smith is a published Designer, Style Professional, and Creative Director. She maintains a robust presence in the community as a vibrant story teller and is widely known as the daring soul behind the Style and the Heart crafting your Healing Hardwear. Her dynamic presence in the local Maker marketplace began in 2007 with the birth of the New Vintage by Sam and has continued to blossom steadily. Follow the journey on Instagram (@NewVintagebySam).

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use an assortment of Healing stones and Handcrafted beads. Prior to COVID, I would travel, attend bead shows and connect with entities with access to bead makers. My process from start to finish includes feeling the beads, and first becoming familiar with their healing properties or the process in which they were created- there’s so much beauty in understanding the materials first... which helps in the design process.

    A: Crafting with intention is so important to me- these are more than just beads.. they’re pieces of culture, history and healing.

    A: Life’s experiences continue to inspire me to create- I see inspiration Everywhere.. in my family, in my community and in pop culture. There are so many vibrant personalities and perspectives.... I channel my experiences through my Art.

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